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Experience Adventure Like Never Before

Adventure mountain biking expeditions in one of Central America’s most mountainous countries.

On a Mission?

Planning a trip to Honduras this summer?

Cabra Rides can help you add a day of adventure on to your business or missions trip this summer! Experience Honduras in a whole new way!

What we're all about:

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  • Fitting your budget & schedule
  • Informative ride guides
  • Honduran Pride
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Plan Your Trip
  • Trifinio Tri-National Race

    Join us in December 2014 to pedal the vast mountains nestled in the corner of Western Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The Trifinio race is among the best organized races in these parts, and you'll get the chance to race through coffee farms, across borders, and through the rugged ranges with cyclists from all over Central America. Expect to cover 180 KM, and climb like mountain goats!

  • Copán Ruinas

    Mayan history, hot springs, boutique hotels, and riding make for the experience of a lifetime

  • Cimarrón

    Elaborate networks of single track just minutes from the capital city

  • La Paz

    Some of the coolest weather and most pristine forests of Honduras await you

  • La Ruta Lenca

    Some amazing riding and cultural learning in Esperanza, Gracia, and other towns along La Ruta Lenca.

  • Lago Yojoa

    The mountains surrounding this freshwater lake beg to be explored

  • La Tigra

    San Juancito is a gold mine for ambitious cyclists

  • La Costa Norte

    Ride miles of desolate Caribbean coastline

  • Ocotepeque

    Pedal through the vast borderlands with expansive views into neighboring El Salvador and Guatemala.

  • San Pedro de Tutule

    Begin an epic 7,000 foot ascent from San Pedro into the heart of the mountains that the Lenca people call home.


Enjoy the exotic outdoors in trails that will make your chin drop. From wildlife to plantlife, not a foot will go by without leaving you breathless and wanting to push the extra mile. Or two.

All Day XC

XC and trail riding with stunning scenery and topograhy. Feel the lactic acid as you climb to a pine-crested ridge line. Then scream down a single track to enjoy the downhill you just earned.


Your vacation can be an unforgettable experience for others too! Learn how your vacation money and time off can benefit others...

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