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/// Packing your Bags

As for logistics of your dream biking vacation, here are a few tips for planning your trip:

Getting here:

There are two international airports in Honduras. Cabra Rides services both airports, but ride itineraries and cost may vary based on the region you decide to travel to.
   -Tegucigalpa (TGU) is recommended
   -San Pedro Sula (SAP) is a second option for riding closer to the Caribbean
    coastal areas
From the U.S., Continental (now United), Taca, and American Airlines are have comparable options as far as flight costs and schedules. Make sure to compare costs for shipping bikes as this can very by airline. Plan on $150-$200 to fly with a hard-sided bike transit case.
The big thing to decide is whether to bring your favorite bike, or use on of ours. We have XC hard-tail and full-suspension rigs that we rent for a fee of $250 per week. This ends up being less than the cost of flying down your own bike, but we know how much you love your bike.

What to bring:

  • shoes and pedals (Cabra Rides rental bikes all run SPD pedals…if you have a preference on clip-less pedals, we’ll be glad to install any pedals you bring)
  • skid lid (helmet)
  • gloves (at least one pair)
  • riding clothes
  • CamelBak or hydration pack if you prefer to ride with one
  • NiteRider or other lighting gear
  • camera
  • spending money (euros and dollars can be used here, but bring small bills)- we can make a run to the bank and exchange currency for Honduran Lempiras (currently about 20.5 Lempira per USD)
  • everything else, we’ve got you covered
We have bike repair stands, a full range of Park tools to quickly and professionally re-assemble your bike.

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