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The population of Honduras is just over 7 million strong.

There are three major cities in our country:

  • Tegucigalpa (the capital)
  • San Pedro Sula (the industrial center)
  • La Ceiba (a party-town on the Caribbean coast).

    Despite a trend towards urban migration, much of the population lives in rural, agricultural communities.

    Hondurans boasts several Mayan ruins, and numerous indigenous tribes including the Lenca and Tolupan who are descendants of the Mayans. Since the arrival of Spanish Conquistadores and missions, Honduras has been a primarily Catholic nation. The first Catholic mass was conducted on Honduran soil exactly 500 years ago.

    The people of Honduras are warm and generous people. When biking through the pueblos, expect a friendly greeting from the locals, or even an invitation for a cup of coffee.

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