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/// Sample Trip Itinerary

Cabra Rides specializes in customized mountain biking vacations for you and up to a dozen of your buddies. You pick the dates, and we’ll work around your time off. We want you to maximize your vacation experience.
But be forewarned, if you want R&R, you’ve got to earn it. Ride first, then relax. Here is a example of what a week with Cabra Rides might look like.

Day 1:

fly into Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Hit the local bike shop or re-assemble your bike. Don’t want to bring your own, no worries – we’ve got a steed or two to loan you. Get a quick ride in and a good night’s rest.

Day 2:

Climb El Cimmarón just outside of Tegucigalpa. Experience an epic climb and a variety of technical single-tracks trails in the semi-arid mountains. Elevation 3,500 feet.

Day 3:

Bike and hike La Tigra National Park. There’s some tight single-track through the alpine forests, then a rugged climb through several micro-climates to arrive at La Tigra National Park. From there, get some relief from the saddle and enjoy a hike through virgin (primary growth) cloud forest. Then, throw your tired legs back over the saddle and enjoy a good couple of hours of fast downhill.

Day 4:

Explore the wild state of Santa Barbara. Ride through boulder-strewn quebradas (creek-beds) and earn as much altitude as you want. The wildlife here is sure to impress. Iguanas, snakes, deer, you name it. Then cool off beneath a pristine waterfall. If you’re lucky, mid-ride you’ll get a cool down from a seasonal downpour that will up the ante on the technical. Add water – yep, you got mud. From here, you will load up the 4×4 and head to the town of Copan Ruins. Enjoy an evening in the quaint colonial town.

Day 5:

Visit the Mayan Ruins at Copan. Then in the afternoon, put a 100 kilometers in the bank and ride to a thermal river and enjoy a meal on the banks of the river.  Pile in the rig and head to the hotel.

Day 6:

You decide. All day ride through Copan? Bike through the mountains where the Spanish plundered gold and silver. Or head to the beach to snorkel and chillax.


For those not content to ride your legs off, we can also arrange zip lines (canopy tours), kayaking in the Caribbean, white water rafting, hiking, or museum visits*.

Let’s talk and we can get to work planning your dream cycling adventure!
Here are some questions we’ll want to ask you:
  1. What kind of riding do you prefer? (XC, downhill, touring)
  2. Are you planning to bring your own bike? Or will you use a Cabra Rides rig?
  3. What are some of the must-do’s on your trip? (Mayan ruins, snorkeling in the Caribbean, whitewater rafting?)
  4. Dietary likes, dislikes.  We focus on natural foods and typical foods so you can get a good flavor of life in Latin America.
  5. Preferred accommodations. (We always lean towards small, boutique hotels to let you experience the culture, but if you want 5 stars, we can arrange that. We can even arrange “under the stars”)
  6. How many peeps are you bringing? (we can put together a great trip for 2-10 people)
  7. What is your budget? We can arrange weekly packages for as low as $650U.S. per person.

*While we personally have nothing against museum visits, it is possible that your riding buddies will give you a bunch of grief. Seriously, you can take a bus trip with the old folks some other time, we’d all rather see you climbing an epic ridge back trail.
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