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We Americans often suffer some deficiencies in our geography knowledge. What lies south of Mexico, really?

Honduras sits at roughly the midpoint of Central America, bordering Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The coordinates for our beautiful little country are 1500 N 86 30 W.


  • Honduras is the most mountainous country in the Western Hemisphere. Take a look at a good topo map.
  • Honduras is slightly larger than the state of Tennessee.
  • Honduras has both a Caribbean and a Pacific coastline. This includes the remote and sparsely populated Mosquito Coast.
  • The highest point is Cerro Las Minas at 2870 MSNM (9,416 feet above sea level) in the department of Honduras

More information on the geography of Honduras is available on the CIA World Factbook page.

For some exceptionally detailed topographical maps of Honduras (by department or country), check out the University of Texas at Austin page.

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