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/// What is Cabra?

First off, what is a cabra anyway?

Cabra is the Spanish word for a mountain goat. Capable of climbing steep hillsides, and adapting to rugged terrain. We chose the name because our love for all-day XC riding in the mountains of Honduras. And of course, we are fluent in Spanglish…so Cabra Rides is the perfect name.

Cabra Rides is the pet project of Matthew & Jennifer Allen, American ex-pats who have very intentionally decided to put down roots in Honduras. After having lived in great places like San Diego, California, and San José, Costa Rica, Matthew got hooked on mountain biking. During their time in Costa Rica, they captured a vision for eco-tourism and adventure cycling. They firmly believe that in the coming years, Honduras has the potential to be a premier destination for adventure cycling in Central America.

Matthew & Jennifer love living and riding in Honduras. We want to share the experience with as many people as possible. Hence, Cabra Rides was born.

The vision and mission of Cabra Rides is two-fold:

  • We’re driven by our passion for riding bikes and the desire to share the experience of riding in Honduras with others. We aim to provide the mountain biking experience of a lifetime by combining both technical and natural resources. We want to put Honduras on the map as a premier adventure cycling destination that you’ll want to visit year after year.
  • We aim to use the natural resources, human and financial capital available to us to create jobs for talented Honduran friends, and to generate income to sustain a ministry dedicated to the spiritual & economic transformation of impoverished communities in Honduras.

Becoming a Cabra Rides customer means becoming part of bringing hope to Honduras. Your hard-earned vacation money not only affords you an unforgettable adventure, but it also helps out others with many needs.


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